Saying My Goodbyes to Winter

Good morning you beautiful humans.  As I am writing this I'm am simultaneously ignoring probably six other assignments for school and pretending that I have more time to do them than I really do.  It's been 3 years since I was in school last, and I forgot how quick the end of the semester sneaks up on you.  Like, the first eight weeks drag on and then BAM! It's finals.  And I think I've done a pretty o.k. job of keeping up with most of my homework this semester, but I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to open my text books right now.  Why is that?  When it's the most important part of the semester? Crunch time.  And I'm just like, "Meh... I'll get to it."  I don't think I will be taking this heavy of a work load next semester, trying to juggle all of this kind of burned me out.

Aside from procrastinating on schoolwork, I've been saying my last goodbyes to winter.  Utah is it it's transitioning phase, which basically means it will be 70 degrees one day and a blizzard the next.  That's a typical April here, but once it gets that all out of it's system, we are looking at sunshine from here on out.  And unless it's dumps on us again (which I'm not ruling out) this Saturday is going to be the last weekend Park City is open for boarding, and I'm just not ready to say goodbye.  We went last Saturday and it was beautiful.  They got about 15 inches in last week's storms so the snow was awesome for spring skiing, the sun was bright and warm, and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky.
We even saw a moose just chillin' out on the side of the run.  It was a baby moose, but it still was the size of a horse.  We mostly observed it from the lift and higher up on the run because those babies are not to be messed with.  And it was by itself, so we were on high alert for the mama to come out of nowhere.  I was trying to take a snapchat of it and for some reason I can't just stand when I'm clipped into my snowboard, my balance is so off, so I made Landon hold me in place while I snapped really quick.  Once I sent it, he was like, "Okay, let's go!" and he let go of me to start boarding again.  And what should happen other than me falling on my already injured and still very sore left butt cheek?  Nothing.  That's exactly what happened.  Landon felt horrible and I'm still hobbling around; I'm starting to think I will never heal.

Other than that, I'm just focusing on trying to get my abs back.  I am starting a high-protein diet today and probably going to stay on it until Hawaii, which, I'm sure you all can imagine how excited I am about.  It's good though, I need structure or else I have no willpower when Landon brings home Little Cesar's Deep Dish Stuff Crust pizza.  Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go wipe the drool off my keyboard after I just typed that.


  1. Husbands who bring home pizza are simultaneously the best/worst thing ever. I'm always thrilled beyond words and also furious that the last few pounds of baby weight won't be budging yet.

  2. Oh that last weekend of skiing is always the best, because it's usually so sunny and warm, and everyone's just out to have that one last fun run. There's noting in the world like it. I'm really struggling to finish with school too, but mine is more of the "I just moved and unpacking/painting/anything house related is more important than anything else" kind of procrastination.

    Hang in there, you're almost done!


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