I Ran Into a Door

Yesterday I went into the gas station before work to get my (still free) morning dose of caffeine.  When I walked in, the employees were having a conversation and didn't notice my entrance.  I filled my cup and walked towards the counter; they still didn't notice me.  I was running a little bit late for work, so I kept walking towards the door to leave, but kept trying to catch eye contact with them to say hi and thank you for the drink.  I was just about to the doors when they finally noticed me. I smiled, held my drink up in the air Cheers-ing them and before I could turn around I walked straight into the door.  Both of the employees stopped talking and stared at me for a second; I was trying to figure out what the hell just happened and I barked a nervous/embarrassed laugh.  They still just stared and a couple seconds later burst into laughter.

There was nothing I could say to recover, so I bumped the door open with my hip and called, "I'M OUT!"  And between laughing and gasping for air, the lady called back, "Are you?!"

If it wasn't the only gas station in my neighborhood, I'd never return.  But it's not, and I did.  As I pulled up in my truck this morning, the man saw me get out of my truck and I watched him run from behind the counter to the front of the store so he could make a show of opening the door for me.  "Here, let me get that for you."  He snickered as I slunk past him, head hung as I laughed in shame.

I fear I'll never live it down.


  1. WHITNEY. That is too funny! Maybe that's the price you had to pay for all those free drinks?

  2. This is hysterical! When my former company moved, the new location had a glass door upstairs. I walked into it about 3 times within the first 4 hours in the building. They ended up potting a post it on the door before they had the company logo etched on.

  3. That's one of those moments when you just have to yell, "Meant to do it!" and really own it. Or just hide and go to the next town for gas for the rest of your life.


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