Radio Contests are the Worst

I'm so happy it's the middle of the week already; this week is flying by.  And just think- in seven days, I'll have one day left until we fly to Hawaii. I cannot wait.  I've got a lot to do still to get ready though, like scheduling a spray tan appointment.  Because in the words of my husband who has been fake-baking for the last 4 weeks, "Tan fat looks better than white fat." But, I'm an advocate for not aging myself prematurely, so I try to wear sunscreen and I think I'll take the spray tan over the tanning beds.  Not a philosophy I've always lived by, however.  I have definitely spent my fair share of time under the lamps, but I'm finally realizing that I won't have perfect, youthful skin forever.  So I'm stepping up my sun-protection game. SPF 70 FTW.

But instead of doing things like booking appointments and making other preparations, I'm setting hourly alarms on my phone to remind me to try to call in and win a radio contest.  I was SO sure the secret sound they were playing was the sound of a desk lamp switch, and my entire last few days have revolved around trying to be caller ten to guess the sound. And I would yell at the people calling in and tell them they were so dumb for thinking the desk lamp switch was a carabiner clasp. Well, I couldn't get through on this last hour and the man who was caller ten said, "Is it the arm of a pair of glasses folding closed?"  And I was like, "NO YOU IDIOT."  And the radio DJ was like, "For $1,525- is it a pair of glasses being folded shut? IT IS! YOU WIN THE MONEY!!!"  And I sat there like a fool, thinking back on all of my wasted energy spent on trying to win this stupid contest.  And I didn't even have the right answer!! So now I'm googling spas near my house where I can get a spray tan and never listening to that station again.  I can't get sucked into that another time, because this has literally been me for the last week and a half:

Also, this meme (or whatever it is) didn't actually exist and I literally had to find this scene online, pause at this moment to screenshot it, email it to myself so I could caption it on my phone, and then email it back to myself so I could download it on my laptop so I could put it here.  And they say I don't make an effort.

Just kidding, nobody says that.

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  1. So sorry you didn't win. Sunglasses closing. Pfft.


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