An Incredible Gift and a Thank You

Yesterday I was at work, just doing my thing when my mom called me.  She usually calls me when she is on her way to work to say hi and catch up.  Before we left for St. George on Friday, I called her to see if she knew where my dirt bike registration was, because for some reason that gets mailed to her house.  I thought she had given it to me a while back, but I couldn't find it, so I called her to see if it was still up there.  She told me she would look, but ultimately didn't find it.  So yesterday when we were talking she asked if I had ever found it and I told her I didn't, but I didn't actually need it because I could register at the Wasatch County courthouse with the sticker number from last year.  She was like, "Well, I'm pretty sure it was a letter that came for you months ago and I swear I gave it to you."  And I was like, "Yeah, I think you did too, I probably just threw it away on accident or something." And then she was like, "Well, I have another letter for you from Wells Fargo and there is that package for you at the house."  And I stopped what I was doing and asked, "A package?"  And she goes, "Yeah, that little brown package, I thought you sent it to yourself from Hawaii or something.  It's addressed to Whitney and it's written in really cute handwriting and there is no return address on it."  I stood there racking my brain trying to figure out if I had ordered something for myself, or maybe if Landon had, and I couldn't think of anything.  "I didn't send myself anything from Hawaii..." I said, "And I'm pretty sure Landon didn't either, because if he did he would have sent it to our house, not yours..."  "Well, someone sent you something then." She said excitedly, "...Or, maybe it's one of those weirdly personal advertisements companies have been sending out lately." "Yeah, maybe..." I mused, still trying to think of what it could be or where it came from.  "Will you open it when you get home and tell me what it is?" I asked her.  "If you want me to, I will."  "Actually, never mind." I said, "I want to open it, I have no idea what it is." "Oh! We can have a package-opening party! And we can have a raffle!" "A raffle?" I asked, "For the five of us?" "Yes! It will be so fun!" "Okay, mom. We can have a raffle at the party we throw for the mystery package."  I laughed.

By then, she had pulled up to work and walked into her office and had to say goodbye.  I tried to go back to my work and put the mystery package out of my mind, but I couldn't let it go.  I started telling my co-workers about it and thinking out loud about what it could be.  The thing that had me the most confused was that it was sent to my mom's house.  I haven't had anything sent to her house in years (aside from my dirt bike registration, obvs.)

Not even two hours had passed from when my mom had told me about the package before I couldn't take it any longer and I called my brother.  I knew it was Brenden's day off of work and he would be home.  He and Johnny answered enthusiastically and asked me what I was doing. I told them about the package and how I was completely stumped as to what it could be and I needed them to FaceTime me and open it while I watched.  As we switched to FaceTime, I sat down with my lunch and waited anxiously as they looked for the package.  They found it and put the camera up close to the box.  Sure enough, it was addressed to "Whitney" in cute handwriting, just as my mom had said.  And it did not have a return address or any clue as to where it came from. "Make sure that you open it carefully though, so we can tape it back up so mom won't know we opened it."  I told Johnny as he pulled out his pocket knife.

John carefully slide the blade down the tape and opened the box slowly.  The anticipation was killing me because I had no idea what it was.  As he folded back the flaps, a smaller box nestled in some crimped, teal packaging paper was revealed.  "There is another box," John commented dramatically, "but there is no card."  He lifted the smaller box out of the package and slowly took the lid off to reveal a silver chain with a pendant hanging on it.  Brenden and John were silent as they looked at me.  I couldn't see what was on the pendant and was suddenly nervous that maybe Landon had sent a package from Hawaii that I wasn't supposed to find just yet.  Brenden put the camera up close to the necklace so I could see it.  "Oh!"  I gasped, my hand flying up to my mouth as tears filled my eyes.  The pendant had a picture of my sweet dog, Tukae on it and there was a small silver charm with a paw print next to it.  "It's Tukae." I squeaked.  I couldn't form any more words than that.  It was one of the last pictures I took of Tuk with his head out the window and his ears blowing in the wind.  It's one of my favorites of him and has been the screen saver on my phone since we said goodbye to him.  Brenden and John looked at it closely and then back at the package.  "You don't have any idea who sent this?"  Brenden asked.  I silently shook my head as the tears spilled down my cheeks.  John sifted through the package once more looking for any sign of where it came from.  "That is the sweetest thing." I said, "And I have no idea who to thank."  Our conversation didn't last much longer after that because I was trying to regain composure as more of my co-workers came in to eat lunch.  Johnny promised to tape it back up as we said goodbye.

I racked my brain all night last night trying to think of who sent me that wonderful gift and I can't think of who did it.  I am 99.9% sure they read this blog, though, because that picture of Tuk was only posted here.  So whoever you are, if you are reading this I want to tell you thank you.  I want you to know that this is one of the most beautiful, kind, selfless gifts I've ever received and you have touched my heart beyond words.  Thank you for giving me an amazing reminder of Tukae.  That little dog means more to me that I could ever say and being able wear that necklace as a reminder of him is one of the most incredible gifts anyone has given me.  So thank you.  Thank you for being so kind and such an amazing friend; I love you for it.

Also, I have to tell you guys.  I instantly felt guilty that I opened the package without my mom and then made it look like we hadn't.  So I called her and told her we opened it and before I could tell her what was in it, she says, "You mean we don't get to have a raffle??"

I died.

We can still have a raffle mom.


  1. That is the sweetest gift. How incredibly amazing! What a thoughtful, wonderful friend you have somewhere out there! (And your mom is the cutest!! Haha!)

  2. I love this. Some people really are amazing. Hugs to you Whitney dear!


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