Hawaii Part Trois

We are wrapping up the Hawaii trip here, y'all.  I'm just going to power through, I'm gonna do it.  I left off last week with our excursion through Volcano National Park, and that was awesome.  Honestly, I've lost all track of time and this next post will more than likely be out of chronological order, because I have no idea when we did what.  I'll start with our deep sea fishing trip.

Now, I've never been deep sea fishing.  I've been fishing in a boat on a lake, off a dock on a lake, fishing from a paddle board, fishing from shore, and even fishing indoors at the boating expo when I was really little, but never in the ocean, so I was all sorts of excited for this trip.

We woke up really early to eat some breakfast and we made sure that none of us had any bananas with us as we got on the boat.  Apparently bringing bananas on a boat is the worst form of bad luck and if you do and the captain finds out, you'll probably get thrown over board.  We learned that way back in the day when they would ship bananas back and forth between continents the bananas would leak (for lack of a better word) banana juice and the fish hated it and wouldn't come anywhere near the boat.  So they learned not to have bananas with them when they wanted to catch fish.  Fast forward to modern day and you are still not allowed onboard with a single banana.  We didn't have any bananas, but that didn't help us much; we didn't get a single nibble in the four hours we were at sea.  I'm going to tell you that I wasn't majorly bummed out about it, but it was an absolutely beautiful day.  The water was calm, the sun was warm and it was actually really relaxing to lay out on the bow and chiiiillll.  I think we all fell asleep at one point or another we were so relaxed.  So even though we didn't catch anything, it was still a great way to spend a morning in Hawaii.
And the rest of that day was spent boogie boarding, naturally.
The next day we had booked a snorkel cruise.  There was about 12 of us on a little boat that took us up the coast for about 30 minutes.  Our first stop was Captain Cook's Cove (or something like that).  Captain Cook was one of the first white dude's to discover the Hawaiian Islands.  The cove we snorkeled in was his memorial and also the place I believe he was killed for pretending to be one of the Gods.  It was a beautiful location with an incredible reef to explore.  We saw so many colorful fish and other sea creatures.  I had my GoPro with me and again, most of the photos it snapped weren't really of anything, but I got a few good ones.
 There were HUNDREDS of those yellow tangs everywhere.  I loved watching them all swim together in big schools; they were mesmerizing.  And then mine and Landon's favorite: the parrot fish.  We would follow those bad boys around whenever we'd spot them.  Their colors are so bright and they are just goofy lookin' dudes; I love 'em.

The next location we stopped to snorkel at was the City of Refuge.  We came back after the snorkel cruise to see the actual city instead of snorkeling off the coast because it was so cool.  This was a place where if you committed a crime that was punishable by death (which basically everything was) you could try to run/swim to the City of Refuge.  If you made it there before they caught you, your life would be spared and you'd live out your days serving the royal family.  There were these long, rock walls that the people who made it there built.  They said the first few days in the city the refugees would spend it building these walls and then it would be decided where they would spend the rest of their days. When we heard that, I leaned over to Landon and said, "Yeah, but what kind of quality of life is that?  I mean, I think I'd rather die than spend the rest of my life gathering rocks-"  And then I stopped and realized that gathering rocks is literally what I do for a living right now.  So that was fun little reality check for me.

Apparently there were Cities of Refuge on each island, but this one was the last one that was really in tact still, there were huts, and carved statues every where; it was actually a really cool experience to walk around it.
And the snorkeling off-shore was incredible.  We saw more turtles, dolphins and apparently there were some white-tipped reef sharks hanging around though we didn't see them. 
 That snorkel cruise was definitely one of the best parts of the trip.  I love getting to see a glimpse of the ocean.  Though, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that at the same time I'm not completely terrified of it.  Once we were done there, we got back on the little boat, ate fresh pineapple and kiwi to our heart's content and rode back to Kona.

I don't think we went boogie boarding that day though.  We all had gotten a lot of sun and worn ourselves out swimming in currents for hours.  Landon did take me out to a nice little dinner that night though.  It was a restaurant right in the harbor where we had been going on all these excursions, and our guides told us to get the avocado fries and fish n' chips.  I liked all those words and so did Landon, so we took them up on the suggestion.  You guys, you need to find a way to bring avocado fries into your life.  They are INCREDIBLE. 
It's nearly been a month since I had these and my mouth is still watering.  And those fish'n chips? To die for.  They buy the fish from the deep sea fishing guides, so it's as fresh as it gets and it would just melt in your mouth.  BRB, I'm buying a flight back to Kona just for this meal.  The only thing better than that food was who I was sharing it with.
 I was seriously reveling in this moment.  I love Hawaii, I love sunsets, I love that meal, and I love that man.  I can confidently count that as one of the happiest moments of my life.
Our next adventure involved snorkeling again, but this time it was at night.  There is a Sheraton hotel right on the coast, and for the last 30 years, they're bright lights that shine into the water have been attracting the manta rays at night.  They illuminate all the plankton, so these rays love to come eat their dinner there.  We all got in the water and circled around a surfboard that had holes cut in the middle of it where extremely bright lights were positioned to light up everything beneath us.  This would bring the rays right under us as they'd gobble up all the plankton.  It was pretty insane to see them come in like they did.  They are huge and so, so graceful.  I was able to snap a few pictures of them with my GoPro, and I got a shot where one of the rays was inverted and it looked like a skull; pretty creep, but awesome at the same time.

 That was such a cool experience, though I did get a tad sea sick.  I think I can count two times in my life where I've ever been like, really sea sick; and both times it was in extremely rough water.  This time wasn't really the case.  There were some waves that were rocking us up and down, and think that with the combination of the exhaust from all of the boats that were around is what made me sick to my stomach.  It wasn't bad enough that I was throwing up, but I was ready to go by the time our hour was up.

After all those days, we were right about at the end of our trip.  We spent the next couple days boogie boarding, building sand castles, and soaking up the last of the warm Hawaiian sunshine.

 That was the longest vacation I've ever been on; I think it was about 12 days worth of Hawaiian paradise.  And even though it was nearly two weeks, it felt like it was over in two days.  Landon and I were plotting how we are going to move there permanently one day.  And it really isn't that unrealistic of a goal.  His company has a branch on Oahu and according to his co-worker, they are always looking for salesmen to transfer over there.  We are all over that idea since we only have to move ourselves.  No plans are set in stone; it's mostly dreams made of sunshine and salt water, but who knows, one day we might be locals.  If not, we'll just keep taking two week vacations over there.

It's too perfect of a place to stay away from long...

This concludes our three-part special, mahalo for tuning in.

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  1. LOL @ gathering rocks. That's too funny.

    I would LOVE to go to Hawaii one day. I just need to win the lottery first. You're not allowed to go again unless you take me.


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