Bountiful Sprint Triathlon

I've had a stressful morning- the first thing I saw when I opened my laptop was breaking news from Times saying there was a massive earthquake in central Italy this morning.  Which is heart breaking and terrifying by itself, but even more so because my best friends is IN ITALY BY HERSELF AT THIS VERY MOMENT.  I knew she was about an hour train ride away from Rome, but I didn't know in what direction, and I knew that the earthquake happened about 85 miles east of Rome.  For all I knew, she was in the middle of it.  I tried calling her and I got a weird beeping sound, I sent her multiple messages and snapchats; anything I could think of to get a response from her.  I texted her mom, scoured her Facebook and instagram- anything for a clue of where she was.  About 10 minutes later, she snap chatted me back saying, "I'm alive.  But other people are not. :("  Which was so sad, but such a relief.  Turns out she is about an hour outside of that town that was hit also.  So she is safe and sound, but I'm still sending prayers up for the people in Italy. <3

I'm still shaking.

I originally sat down to tell you guys about the triathlon I ran a couple weeks ago with my dad!  And this might be such a contrast from how I started this post, but I need to focus my mind on something else so I can calm down for a second.  My dad and I made a bucket list of things we wanted to do this year, and a triathlon was on this list.  My dad has done the Bountiful Sprint Triathlon for the past couple years and we figured it would be the perfect one to do together.  There are a few different versions of triathlons that vary in length and order.  This particular race was a sprint, meaning it was the shortest of all the versions; it was also a reverse, so it started with the run portion and ended with the swim.  It was a 5k run, an 11(ish- my GPS said 12) mile bike ride, and a 350 meter swim, so really it wasn't anything too extreme.  I didn't train for it, like, at all.  I mean, I've been running, so I was good there, but this was my first time ever even riding a road bike, and I've never swam in a race either.  Our goal was to cross the finish line in an hour and a half.

Now, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've worked every Saturday this month.  I was not aware, however, that I was working this particular Saturday until mid-morning on Friday.  I low-key panicked for about twenty minutes because I had already promised my dad we would do it together.  I  made a bunch of phone calls figuring out when it started and how long it usually took and then sheepishly asked my boss if I could come in a couple hours late the next morning so I could do the race.  To which he happily told me would be fine, so I was in the clear.  I slept at my mom's that night and was up bright and early to meet my dad at the starting line about 45 minutes before it started so I could try out the bike he had for me and also to get our stuff all set up.

It was a beautiful morning; perfect for a race.  My dad and I agreed to stick together and just have fun with it.  I was anticipating him to be substantially faster than me in every leg, but I will proudly say I paced him in the run portion.  He did just get back from a cruise though, and we all know how running goes after a week of cruise life.  The biking portion and swimming portion though we stayed together perfectly.  He was actually so great cause when we were biking he would stay right in front of me to cut down wind resistance.  I mean, I wasn't dying or anything, I was keeping up with him, but it was nice to have that advantage.

We burned through the run and the biking in just over an hour.  We parked our bikes, stripped down to our swimming suits, and ran bare foot across the parking lot over to the pool.  Now, I ran and biked my butt off; when I jumped off the bike I was a little caught off guard with how jello-y my legs felt.  I think I even exclaimed, "Woah! My legs are rubber!" and had to catch my self a little bit.  Between that and being utterly out of breath from the race in general, I should have anticipated the swim to be harder than I was expecting it.  I mean, I'm not trying to brag, but I'm a pretty decent swimmer; I always have been.  But I jumped in that pool and was completely shocked by how little my legs were doing for me. I surfaced absolutely gasping for air, oh, and my goggles wouldn't seal on my face, so I just ended up ditching those at the get go.  The first five seconds in the water though, the thought entered my mind, "Oh, this is what drowning feels like."  Luckily, even in that state, I remained calm, and just floated onto my back and did a back stroke until I was able to catch my breath and let my legs get adjusted.  350 meters in that pool ended up being 14 times back and forth and when I jumped out of the water and ran across the finish line the my time was 1:23:40.  Which- I was all about.  We beat our original goal of 1:30 and I get a weird satisfaction when numbers line up in order like that.  My dad's was even better, he crossed at 1:23:45!  Here is our before and after!
When we decided we were going to do this race, I figured we'd do it, maybe go grab some breakfast and hang out for a bit.  But those plans changed when work came a-calling.  So instead, I grabbed a banana and a muffin, threw my shorts and shirt on over my wet swimming suit, gave my dad a hug and drove straight to work soppin' wet.

I got to work only about an hour and forty five minutes late, and it was easy to get everything caught up and moving.  I was so thankful my boss let me have the morning to do that with my dad, though.  I work with really awesome people and we always try to make sure we can do things like that.  It's so great.

That race was so much fun though!  It was such a different experience from other runs I've done, and I loved the variety of events.  There is another sprint tri this fall at Weber State that I want Landon to do with us.  I don't know if he will have a chance to train for the whole thing, but we could even do it as a relay and that would be so fun!  And who knows, maybe one day I will do an Olympic triathlon, or even a Half Iron Man.  Baby steps, people.

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