Snapchat V. Real Life

You know what I'm excited for? Winter. Snow. Cold air. Slow work days.

I just had to say that.

This summer has been INSANE.  Especially the last couple months and especially, especially the last few weeks.  I've been working 6 days a week for the last month, and I am worn (clap) out (clap).  I've hardly been in the pool, I haven't been dirt biking with Landon in weeks, and sleeping in on the weekends is a thing of the past.

So yeah, I'm pretty much done with summer.

Thankfully, I'm starting to see little bits of oranges and reds starting to speckle the mountain sides.  Autumn is coming.  And with it comes Fall semester. Dun, dun, duuuuunnnnn.  I took two classes this summer and managed to pull off my second 4.0 in a row (self five), but this next semester might break my streak.  I'm taking another 5 classes and if you go back a couple months in this blog, you'll be reminded of how well I handled that last time.  PRAY FOR ME.  I just want to graduate as soon and I possibly can.  I just want to be done.

I've got a week in between semesters and I'm using it highly to our advantage to get our house deep cleaned before all Hell breaks loose.  Every night in my planner this week has detailed chores and can I tell you how much Landon loves  it?

He doesn't.

But he is a trooper and is putting his shoulder to the wheel and helping me get it done. We actually got a lot more done last night that I even scheduled for us, so if we keep it up at that pace, we will have a free and easy weekend.  Well, he will.  I'll be working.

We have been making the most of our Sundays, though.  This Sunday we went to the Park Silly Farmer's Market.  Park City is extremely dog-friendly, so we brought Josh along with us.  He's never been to anything like that before and to say he was experiencing some sensory-overload would be an understatement.
 He really had a great time, though.  He doesn't get out much, so this was quite the adventure for him.

I scored in the purchases department.  I bought this journal (surprise, surprise) made from the children's book Goodnight Moon.  Please tell me you guys remember that one.  It was my favorite when I was a wee babe, and I had the entire thing memorized.  So this little shop re-binds them with a bunch of paper in-between the pages of the book, so like, you have the book, but it's also this super neat journal.  I'll post pictures later, you'll die.

I also bought myself a new silver ring from a guy who I bought an ear cuff from last year at the market.  I love his stuff; it's so simple and elegant.  Seriously, there are so many treasures in this farmer's market.  It's my favorite one I've ever been to.  Oh, and of course I got my chocolate dipped banana, and Landon found his new love with that pina colada in the pineapple up there.  Don't be surprised when we are back there this Sunday.

Also, can we talk about this look I'm rocking in those photos?  Because listen, I worked really hard on it.  I took myself shopping Saturday evening because Landon was out dirt biking with our friend and I didn't want to sit home all alone all night.  I figured I'd treat myself since I've managed to lose 9 or so lbs these last couple weeks and also because, dude, I got two 4.0's in a row! That never happens to me.  I had only been in the mall a couple minutes when I passed one of those sunglasses kiosks and  I saw those glasses and they reminded me of my favorite snapchat filter and I knew that was the look I needed to recreate.  I'm not usually one to put a whole look together, but I think you guys will agree that I totally nailed it.

And the chokers were a nice touch.  Still can't believe I paid more than 25 cents for them, though.  I swear I had 27 of them back in the 90's.  Landon still won't admit that he thinks I look ridiculous.  He keeps saying I am the "cutest", but says it in the same tone people use when they're talking about my dog Josh.

Except that he really is the cutest. Right guys?


  1. Josh's crazy eyes are the best thing in the entire world to me right now. THE BEST THING.

  2. I can't even handle the fact that you're wearing a tattoo choker. But seriously, Josh's crazy eyes are amazing! Also, I need to see this journal because Goodnight Moon is read on a loop over here.


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