Lake Powell: Day One

I don't even know where to start with this recap of our most recent adventure down to Lake Powell.  I guess I'll just start at the beginning and like all my other vacations, take it day by day, because this trip was too incredible to cram into one post.  So saddle up, ladies and gents.

First, let me preface this whole thing with the fact that I started working nights last week and my brain has been scrambled between switching from days to nights, back to days for the trip, and then back to nights when we got home.  So we had to leave our house Sunday morning at 7 AM to make the 7 hour drive to the Antelope Point Marina.  The fun part about that was that I had been working from 10:30 PM the night before and got home just in time to throw our bags in the car and start on our way.  I was able to get about 2 1/2 hours of sleep in the car, but once I woke up, I was up for the day.  So the first couple days I was trying to get myself out of La La Land.

We got to the marina just before 3:00 and got the VIP treatment as the employees loaded up our bags in their carts and drove us down to the docks.  I won't lie- I felt like royalty because every other time I've been to Powell in my life I've had to make several trips back and forth with everyone to get all our stuff down there.  Once we were on the docks, I ran in and bought razors and sunglasses from the gift shop while we waited for the rest of the group to show up,.  We weren't waiting long before we were assigned to ski boats that would take us to the house boats.

Once we were all aboard, we made some quick introductions with the other's who were assigned to our boat.  The first couple was Stacy and Shawn, and little did we know we had been introduced to two of the greatest humans on this planet and the male and female counterparts of Landon and me.  I didn't tell them this, but I knew I was going to be meeting a lot of people that day and I was going to need to use some tricks to remember names.  So when they said their names were Stacy and Shawn, in my head I kept singing, "Stacy and Shawn have got it going on!" You know... Stacy's Mom?  Bowling for Soup?  Anybody?  Okay.  WELL, IT WORKED.  I never forgot their names.  We also met Will and Jaime, and Rob and Micki.  All amazing people, and I knew right away this week was going to be incredible.

It was only about a 20 minute boat ride to the beach where all the houseboats were parked.  There were five house boats in all, with roughly 10 or so people on each one.  Free Bird, the biggest and the one parked in the middle was where we all congregated for meals amongst other activities.  Summer Breeze, the boat to the right of Free Bird was the one we stayed on, and when we walked down the hallway, we found a door with our names on it and a gift bag of Redmond goodies inside waiting for us.

 Like I said, VIP treatment.  Because I also don't think I've ever slept in an actual bed in Lake Powell.  Always on top, which we had to do for old times sake this week.  I woke up at 3 AM that night and people, you've never seen stars like that.  It's heaven.

Once we got all settled, we had about an hour to kill before orientation and dinner.  We met in the living room with all our boat mates and immediately tore into the snacks they had left in a big basket on the table for us.  We acknowledged that dinner was in an hour, but we also acknowledged that the best snickerdoodles on the planet were in that basket.  When the trip was over, Jaime actually said that she knew she was going to like all of us when we immediately dove head first into the snacks that first afternoon.  We mingled and got to know each other a little bit more; asked where we were all from and how we were connected to Redmond, and before we knew it, it was time to head to Free Bird for dinner.

We all got sat down and got ourselves some drinks as we listened to the staff give us an overview of how the week was going to go.  Once they gave us the rundown, we all passed around the mic to introduce ourselves, say something unique about us and one thing on our Bucket List.  When I stood up, I told them it was on my Bucket List to work for Redmond and for the to hire me.  And I stand by that even more so after the week was over.

Introductions were over rather quickly, and before we knew it, we were in line for the beginning of what was going to be the best food I've ever been fed for an entire week.  Redmond is all about healthy, organic food.  And honestly, I've never eaten so well in my whole life as I did last week. A first for me at that dinner was tasting raw milk.  Up until the week before this trip, I didn't even realize that people still drank raw milk.  I found out because the dairy down the road from us that sells raw milk had a salmonella outbreak with it.  Landon was telling me about the news article he had read about it and I was appalled that people would ever drink that stuff.  Granted, I knew nothing about raw milk and I knew far too much about salmonella from personal experience.  So, when they started telling us about their raw milk, I was like, "No, nope, no way, absolutely not."  And the thing I knew, I had a glass of it to my lips due to the persuasion of Stacy and Shawn.  They assured me I wouldn't get salmonella from it, and that it would change my life.

They were right about both things.  I don't think I can go back to pasteurized milk because that raw milk was that incredible.  I'm still super skeptical and will probably never buy it from anyone but Redmond, but it is so delicious, it really did change my life.

Once we had our fill, we split up into groups to have our first evening discussion.  We would split up every morning and every evening to have these discussions about videos clips that varied in topics.  And I know that might sound a little lame, but honestly it was so empowering.  Everyone would get so involved in the conversations that they would last over an hour.  The insights that were being made and the dialogues that were being had were invigorating and I truly looked forward to each session.  The thing that stuck out to me the most that first night was the line, "You don't need to prove yourself, but everyday, improve yourself."  And that will be the mantra in which I live my life: Don't prove, improve.

As our discussion was nearing an end, I noticed a board game through the glass door of the entertainment center.  The board game was Horse-opoly, and I leaned over to Shawn and asked, "What do you think Horse-opoly is?"  He whispered back, "I don't know, but we are going to play it tonight!"  And did we ever.  It's exactly what it sounds like; Monopoly, but with horses.

And I've never actually played Monopoly in my life, so to break that streak with Horse-opoly was a great experience.  The most coveted game piece was the bag of oats that I initially thought said, "cats" on it, and was referred to as, "bag of cats" for the rest of the game.  We played late into the night and laughed harder than you would ever expect to in a knock-off board game. And once it was over, I was asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow.

And that was our first day in Powell.  Honestly, recapping that first day feels like it was years ago because we were all so new to each other.  By the end of the trip, I felt like I was partying with my best friends. It is crazy to me to think we had only just met.  Stay tuned for the continuation of this epic adventure.

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