In Between

So, finals are over.  This is the third semester I've finished this year, but Spring semester ended right before we went to Hawaii and Summer semester ended in the midst of night paving and 7 day work weeks, so I guess I never really slowed down.  The end of this semester came at the same time that our paving crews were laid off for the season and our crusher being winterized.  Everything just came to a screeching halt all at once; it's a weird feeling to have nothing to do.

I do feel inclined to mention that I pulled off my third 4.0 GPA of my three semesters at WSU.  And I only do so because I'm doing some serious damage control to my overall GPA after my transfer left me with a lot of room for improvement. Also, this was my hardest semester since I've gone back to school and I really had to work my butt off to get straight A's.  So, excuse me while I'm being proud of myself.

We celebrated the beginning of a our winter break by snowboarding on Saturday in TWENTY INCHES of fresh powder.  Friday, on my way home from work, the worst storm of the year blew in with an icy rage.  It took me two hours to get home from work because the roads were so bad.  The canyon I have to drive up to go home was riddled with semis and two-wheel drive cars that couldn't get going after they had stopped moving.  There was a lot of blind weaving around immobile vehicles for 55 miles.  Luckily, our truck has 4 wheel drive and some brand new tires, so as far as traction I was fine.  It was just slow going.  Hands down the worst storm I've ever driven in, though.

Landon and I woke up at 7:30 to get our stuff together, grab some quick breakfast and get over to the resort before the crowds showed up.  It's always a race to make the first tracks after a storm like that.  If you've never skied or snowboarded in knee deep powder before, I don't know if I can accurately describe it to you; Landon and I agree that it's almost a spiritual experience.

Just come out to Utah and shred with me after a storm and you'll get it.

Now is the perfect time, too.  I'm off this Thursday until the 3rd and all we have planned is to snowboard and eat.  AKA how I would live my life if I was a millionaire.  THAT'S THE DREAM.  I already know that these next two weeks are going to be among the best in 2016.  Next to our trip to Hawaii and our week in Lake Powell.  But, unlike those trips, I won't have a mountain of homework and work work waiting for me when it's over.  It's a responsibility freebie where real life is letting me off the hook for 11 days, and praise all that is holy because boy, do I need it.

Anyway.  That's about all I got right now.  Hard to focus on anything else after devoting all your brain power to finals and have a vacation from life two days away.

I'll be around, though. Talk soon, k?


  1. I have such a crush on your life. Minus the homework. And the work. Basically I just really want to "shred it" (<--am I using this term correctly?) with you.

  2. Idon't even think I'd make it two feet on a snowboard before I fell flat on my face and spent three hours trying to get back up. But I do miss the snow!!! And yay for being able to vacation without having to worry about homework!

  3. Christmas break is the most marvelous school break of all. It always just saves the world, somehow. So proud of you for another 4.0! You are totally going to rock getting this degree.

    Also, my soul hurts a little right now. I keep trying to convince myself that skiing wouldn't be TOO bad for the baby... but then I chicken out. Something about the fact that my husband is overprotective of me right now, and my jackets no longer zip over my burgeoning bowling ball.


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