Track Hoe Boarding with DevinSupertramp!!

I realize that 2017 started 9 days ago, but I held off until yesterday to start my New Years.  I had 2 1/2 weeks off work and I hardly cooked the entire time, I didn't have homework, and I barely exercised at all.  I blame that last one on the flu that took me down.  My entire body ached, I couldn't take three steps without getting winded, and when I would get winded my body would heave with a coughing fit.  So, no gym for me the last couple weeks of 2016.  It was nice though, to be able to take a break.  Sometimes I get so crazy obsessed with working out, I think it was important for me to realize that I could take a break without gaining 20 lbs.

Anyway.  I put off my "get back on track" plans until yesterday.  Mostly because classes at Weber and the 12 week exercise program I'm doing didn't start until yesterday, so I figured I'd mess around at the gym, not take my meal planning seriously and play Super Mario 64 until now.  It was incredible.  BUT, we are back at it and 2017 is looking good.

So yes, school is in session as of yesterday. I've already mapped out all of my assignments and exams and I can't tell you how easy, breezy, Covergirl it is compared to last year.  I have like, maybe three assignments per week?  And they're all spaced out evenly instead of being due on the same night.  I don't know what I'm going to do with all my free time.

Just kidding.  Of course I do. I'm going to go snowboarding.  Another thing that started yesterday is that my work has just switched to working four 10-hour shifts and having Fridays off.  So I get a 3-day weekend every weekend and I am THRILLED.  I actually only worked two days last week because I took that "sick day" on Thursday to go boarding.  And oh, was it worth it.  We got over 33" in three days and I just couldn't sit idly by and watch the best snow in 10 years fly by my window.  Landon didn't have any appointments that day either, so he came with me.  We hiked all over the mountain in pursuit of the untouched powder.  We were absolutely drained by the end of the day, but it was the best snow I've boarded in since Vail.
 I had plans to do the same thing on Friday morning since I didn't have to go to work, but around 7 o'clock Thursday night, my sister-in-law tagged me in a post by DevinSupertramp on youtube that was calling for girls who knew how to snowboard to be in his next video being shot in Midway on Friday morning.  I don't know if you guys have ever seen any of his videos, but every time I watch them I'm always wondering how the heck I get involved because they are so cool!  I sent him a message saying that I knew how to snowboard and I even lived in Midway, so I would totally be down.  He sent me all of the information about what we were doing and where to meet and told me it was going to be sweet.

The activity on the books was Track Hoe Boarding, in that they brought in a track hoe, tied a wakeboard rope to the bucket and whipped us around in circles for five hours.  Something I had never done and according to Devin, neither had anyone else.  So I woke up to a sunny morning, excited to try something new and walked outside with my gear to a frosty -11 degrees.  It was the coldest day of the season by far, so I wore two pairs of ski underwear, my warmest woolen socks, and a big scarf I had gotten for Christmas.  It was to no avail; by the time I left I was sure my feet had frostbite and I hadn't been able to feel my hands for hours.  Oh, and my face got a wicked sunburn; I always forget that you can still get burned, even in negative temperatures.

Despite the cold and the sunburns, we had a BLAST.  I volunteered to go first since I was all geared up, and as I picked up the rope, the track hoe operator said, "Alright, since no one has done this before we might have to do some trial and error with speed." I laughed and gave him a thumbs up, but I was silently berating myself for not wearing my helmet.  Like I said, we got a good amount of snow last week, but since the temperatures dropped so drastically, there was a good 2 1/2 inch crust of ICE on top; I knew that it was not going to be a soft landing when I inevitably crashed and burned.  I didn't realize that was going to happen right off the get go.  The operator mentioned he was going to experiment with speed, I thought that meant he would start slow and progressively get faster; this was not the case.  Right off the get go, I was whipping around that track hoe holding on for dear life.  The centrifugal force was pulling so hard against my body I thought I was going to fly off the earth.  It didn't help that I could feel my fingers and I was wearing big, bulky mittens, so holding on for dear life was even more difficult.  I nearly made it around the track hoe one time before my fingers slipped and I was sling-shotted across the field.  I almost rode it out, but after about 25 feet, I lost my balance and ate face in the icy snow.  I did a quick body check to make sure I hadn't broken anything; I was good.  I popped back up and the track hoe operator yelled, "We should probably go slower, huh?"  I nodded my head as I pulled myself out of the crater my body had created and unclipped my board so I could walk back to the rope for round two.  Before I knew it, we were going again, this time he did start slower and I was able to tell him to go faster and faster until we found the right speed.  Just because we found a good speed, however, didn't mean round two didn't end in me buffing it again.  I had lost count of the times I had been swung around the track hoe and I was utterly exhausted.  Holding onto that rope, absorbing each variation in the snow, and fighting physics was draining.  I lasted much longer compared to my first try, but ultimately it ended with me not being able to hold on any more and I went rolling through the snow for the second time.  I had one more run in me that went pretty similarly to my second try, before I had completely lost all my strength (and was in a fair amount of pain) and called out, "Okay- someone else can go now." as I crawled away.

(not me, obviously, but this is what we were doing.) 
And I didn't even do the crazy stuff.  Once people were getting the hang of it, the operator lifted the bucket in the air as he whipped guys around and they would come off the ground and swing around like a ride at a county fair.  I screamed and clapped when they would get flying, and even thought about giving it a try myself, but as I weighed the risks I ultimately decided that I would rather not break any limbs that day. I still have a season of snowboarding ahead of me and I just didn't feel like cutting that short.
There was really only one bad accident, a dude on skis was being flown around when he (like the rest of us at some point) just couldn't hold on any longer.  He was high enough in the air that his skis were about eye level and when his grip failed he was flung directly into the crowd. He took out a dude in a dirt bike helmet (luckily) and after the initial moment of shock we all ran to see if they were okay.  By some miracle they were, albeit a little shook up.  We all took about 10 big steps backwards after that just incase it happened again.  Thankfully, it didn't and no real injuries came out of the day.

(This guy was in a neck brace the day before, so we were all real nervous every time we went airborne.)
After a couple hours of boarding around the track hoe, we started tying up tubes to the bucket.  The term "tubes" varied from a tube you'd pull behind a boat, an air mattress, and those black inner tubes that are pretty versatile.  We made a bet on how long the air mattress would last; I said two circles before it would pop and it made it a solid 2 and a quarter before it was completely flat and the girls riding on it were basically being drug on a piece of plastic.  The boating tube lasted longer, but it didn't have much air in it to begin with since we didn't have anything to blow it up with.  The black inner tubes were the real MVPs.  We got four in a train and everyone got a chance to ride them; each one ending with the same outcome.  During my turn, I lost a glove and ended up bleeding.  I decided that I preferred the boarding to the tubing considering I had more control and I didn't have three bodies in front of me that could potentially take me out.

The best part by far was when I got to ride in the bucket.  After a couple hours on the tubes, we brought the boards and skis back out and the guys were flying again. With the bucket lifted so high in the air, the operator let us get in the bucket and ride in it while he whipped the flyers around below us.  I scream laughed the entire time because he would get going so fast.  I seriously could have ridden in that thing all day.  The other hilarious thing to me was the thought of the Safety people at my work would react to this.  I'd probably be fired before I could even climb into a bucket, let alone ride in it as it spun around.
The video is going to be up next week sometime, and I'll post a link to it here to you can go watch the crazy shenanigans.  It was definitely an awesome experience, but you should see the bruises I woke up with.  

It didn't help that Saturday I went up to Ogden and went indoor surfing for 7 hours with my family. And I devoted the entire 7 hours to learning how to ollie the board which resulted in many, many face plants and neck-snappers.  
When I woke up on Sunday, I couldn't move.  I literally laid in bed until 1 o'clock.  My 26 year old body had been through the ringer after three days of snowboarding, track hoe boarding, and flow boarding and I was feeling more like an 83 year old.

It was totally worth it, though. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go look at how much walkers are on Amazon.

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  1. Girl, you're crazy! It sounds like fun... but I think those days are behind me, so keep it up so that I can continue to live through you, okay?


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