I set a lot of new goals for 2017.  Like, two pages worth and I could probably keep going.  One of those goals was to blog more and while that doesn't particularly hold me accountable, I wrote it in my planner today that I need to post something.  And when it goes in the planner, I may as well have signed in blood.

I find that planners are less and less common these days; everyone keeps track of things electronically.  But I find if I write it down with my own hand, then I'm actually going to remember it and I'm going to get it done.  You should see my 2016 planner with all of my homework in it, it's a nightmare, but I 100% give it credit for my 4.0's I got last year.
So, yesterday I spent all day putting my 2017 planner together and already getting things checked off my to-do list.  Starting with renewing my FAFSA.  Can't believe I'm 26 and still filling out FAFSAs.  And the whole time I was grumbling because of all the new snow we got and I was at work, sitting on my butt trying to track down my 2015 tax information.

I really did plan on calling in sick today so I could go boarding.  But when I woke up this morning to only a couple inches of snow, and I checked my weather app and it said it was supposed to snow all day today and tonight I decided to save my powder-flu doctor's note for tomorrow.
I really am showing symptoms of the shakes, absent-mindedness, and obsession with "first tracks."  It's a problem, it really is.  But the last time we got this much snow in two days was at least 10 years ago.  And I didn't even care about snowboarding back then! So.  That's where my head is at.

As for today, I do have a little bit of work to get done and I'm going to continue with organizing my 2017 goals.  I have big plans for personal progress this year and I'm excited to continue working on myself and what I'm going to do with my life.

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