What Sick Days Are For

Remember how I said I'd be around during the break? We all knew that wasn't true.  I had to wait 15 minutes for my computer to even reboot after not being charged for 2 1/2 weeks.

I felt the same trying to wake up at 5 o'clock this morning after 2 1/2 weeks of sleeping in until 9.

And of course it snowed 17" while I was sleeping so I didn't have time for breakfast and I am currently mourning all of the fresh powder I'm missing out on while I'm sitting here at work.  A cruel trick saving this storm until my first day back to work, Mother Nature, a cruel trick indeed.

Not like it would have mattered much though because I had influenza for half of my vacation.  I have a strong aversion to flu shots, so I kind of brought it on myself, but patient zero was at my Grandma's Christmas party and got all of us sick, which makes me think that maybe a flu shot wouldn't have helped anyway.  That'll be my excuse when my work is offering them next, I'm sure.

Despite being sick, Landon and I were able to get 4 days on the mountain, and yesterday was absolutely glorious.  We hiked out of bounds and found some virgin powder to tear up among the pines.  I get 200% more daring when there is fresh snow because it doesn't hurt when you fall.  So I was bombing down this hill when the front of my board caught a fallen tree or something and I ate face so hard; it was incredible.  I haven't seen Landon laugh that hard in a long time as I was trying to dig myself out.  Snow of this caliber is worth it's weight in gold, and it is physically hurting my heart that I'm not up there right now tearing it up.  I'm actively planning the speech I'm going to give my boss tomorrow morning about why I can't come in to work; it's supposed to storm even harder tonight and I cannot in good conscious miss two days in a row like this.
This is what sick days are for.


  1. That picture is amazing. And I seriously can't believe how much snow got piled on Utah last night. It's crazy!


    If it makes you feel better, almost the only times I've gotten the flu is after getting the flu shot. I swear it makes me more susceptible.


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