Tomatoes in the Poo

This post is going to seem so out of context, but it's a story about something so stupid that happened last fall and I think about it every day at lunch.  Between that and the title I've got your attention, don't I?

Well, before I begin that story, let's rewind roughly three years ago to the end of March in 2015.

We'd been living in our house for almost a year and that Spring I was set on planting flowers, herbs, and vegetables in some pots on my patio.  I had done a small amount of research about when to plant certain crops, and the internet told me that the end of March and beginning of April was the perfect time.  I spent over $100 on pots, soil, and plants and got to work.  I had told my mom how excited I was that I was going to have my own cherry tomato plant just outside.  I hadn't even gotten done with telling her everything when she cut me off and told me it was far too early to plant anything.  But I was 24 years old and I had looked it up on the internet, so of course she was wrong and I went through with my plans of potting, planting, and meticulously tending to my garden.

The plants were dead two weeks later after a typical April snow storm.

I haven't planted anything since.

Not to my knowledge anyway.

Fast forward to last summer.  I had been eating a diet of grilled chicken and vegetables every day for months.  I also washed my tupperware out every day after lunch.  Since we are in a mobile trailer, our sinks drain out into the rocks outside.  The water wells up during the summer into a small pond that we lovingly refer to as "poo mud."  Well, one day my boss brought it to everyone's attention that the craziest thing had happened and a TOMATO PLANT had grown in the poo mud.  After much discussion and trying to figure out how in the hell a large and healthy cherry tomato plant had managed to sprout and thrive in the swamp just outside our door, it dawned on me- I had been eating cherry tomatoes nearly every day for the past two months, and when I rinsed my dish out the seeds were going down the drain and out into the pond. I had planted the tomatoes on accident!  I was capable of growing a plant, even if it wasn't on purpose! I was so pleased with myself.  Unfortunately, even if they are the best tomatoes in town, nobody wants to eat anything that grew from the poo mud, so we let the plant live out a happy life until winter came.

There is probably some profound message in here about finding beauty, accomplishing things you never thought you could, or listening to your mom instead of the internet...

But every day when I eat my cherry tomatoes and wash my dish out in the sink, all I think about that tomato plant and just how dumb life can be;

so hilariously, frustratingly, serendipitously dumb.

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