Tulip Festival 5k

I'm sure you all remember a few years ago when I ran my first half marathon at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. Actually- maybe you don't... I don't think I every blogged about it. NBD, I'm a professional blogger.

Well, that was the first race I ever did.  I made my entire family come see me do it because after training for it, I was positive I would never run another half marathon in my life.  Fast forward two years and five half marathons later, we all know that didn't end up being true.

And then last year, I signed up for it the night before on a whim.  I had just ran the Zion Half a few weeks prior, but I was a little out of my mind (we had just put my dog down and finals were destroying me) and I registered at midnight before the race.  I had a blast, but in retrospect it wasn't the best idea because I hadn't kept my training up and my knees paid dearly for it.  I decided this year, I wouldn't run the Tulip Half Marathon right after the Zion Half because I want to be able to continue to run.

But, although I decided no to do the half, the 5k was free game.  My mom has been wanting to do a 5k with me for years, so for Christmas I bought her and I our entries to the Tulip Festival 5k!  It's been awesome to have something to look forward to for the last five months, and she came up to our house Friday night so we could get up early on Saturday and ride down together.  We went to Park City and I got to show her and Landon my new work digs and give them the grand tour of the penthouse suite and followed it up with dinner at our favorite pizza joint.  We didn't stay out too late because it was a blizzard (it's been a whiteout all week up here) and we needed to get home and get some rest.

We woke up around 6:00 am, stopped at the grocery store to get some breakfast, and we drove on down to Thanksgiving Point to get our packets and get all ready for the race!  Since it was the 5k, it started about an hour after the half marathon.  We jumped in the line-up at 8:00 and were off at the sound of the gun shot.  It was a little chilly when the race started, and we had debated whether to leave our jackets or wear them; we ultimately decided to wear them.  About a half a mile into the race, we were hot and regretted the decision.  I called Landon and asked him to meet us at the 2 mile mark so he could grab our jackets.  He was there, right under the water tower, cheering us on and taking pictures.  He is the best cheerleader of all time. :)

There was a water station there and we got a quick drink of water before we were on our way again.  As I think back about it, this race went by so fast! We were done in 40 minutes, and I'm so proud of my mama.  She did incredible and I am already looking to see what races we can sign up for next!  We crossed the finish line with tears in our eyes as we took turns putting our medals around each other's necks.  I told my mom as we were approaching the finish line, that in every race that I've done, as I am crossing the finish line I always think about the person I used to be before I started running, and how I'm am that many miles further away from her.  To think of the hundreds and hundreds of miles I've put between her and me is mind boggling and it brings tears to my eyes every finish line I cross.  Running has become part of who I am; I do it to get away from everything in life that is worrying me and if nothing is stressing me out, then I do it just to feel good.  And even though this race was a shorter one, it was amazing to do it with my mom and I hope this is the beginning of countless more to come!

After the race, we got to walk around the Tulip Festival and enjoy the incredible gardens that Thanksgiving Point has to offer.  It blows me away every year, but this year was especially awesome because it's been non-stop snowing for the past 5 days.  Utah usually gets a rogue storm every year at the end of April, but a week long blizzard is bizarre even for these parts.

It was windy, but the sun was out and the flowers smelled amazing.  For the first time this year, it finally feels like spring.  One of the perks of running the 5k instead of the half marathon was that a lot of people were still running, so we got the gardens almost all to ourselves for the couple hours we were walking around them.  Around lunch time, the crowds started making their way in, but it was fine because we were on our way out.  We got to enjoy it all while it was calm and quiet and it was glorious.
And of course, shouts out to my biggest supporter and best friend! Year after year, race after race, Landon reminds me just how lucky I am to always have someone out there cheering for me.  I don't imagine sitting around waiting for someone to run a stupid amount of miles is the most fun thing to do on your day off, but Landon has never once complained about following me around to every race I do.
I love him so much.


  1. Honestly, if I didn't already know she was your mom, I would think you two were sisters. You guys are so adorable!! What a fun race.

  2. So proud of the girl that you have worked so hard to become! I swear, the later start times of 5k's make them so magical - having to be at a starting line before 7am is criminal, and I've done it more times than I want to admit to.
    Only about 6-7 weeks before I can run again!

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