Work is Good.

I'm doing, you guys.  I'm actually succeeding at my new job.  I was so nervous quitting Garco and coming here.  Especially because the first weeks were so slow and I wasn't getting a lot of face time with guests, but this week has been so awesome.  I'm feeling so excited for the future.

I did go back to Salt Lake to talk to my (old) boss the other day.  We talked for over two hours about any possible way for me to come back.  I told him I'd seriously consider his offer(s) and talk with Landon about what we thought would be best for us and that I'd get back to him.  No matter what happens though, I will never be able to articulate how much it means to me that they are willing to do everything they can to get me back.  I'll be honest- I wish they would have had these options before I had to go find a new job, but regardless, it means a lot.

But, yeah.  Work is good. 

There's Something Different

It might be awhile before you guys hear me stop talking about my new job. 
Today though, I wanted to talk about the major differences
(sorry) between being a timeshare marketer and being a quality control lab technician; because there's a lot of them.
Firstly, and I mentioned this a couple posts ago, one of the biggest changes I've made is what I wear and how I get ready in the morning.  I've invested hundreds of dollars in a new wardrobe this last month because I literally had nothing that qualified as "business casual".  Everything I owned was just, I don't know, casual, I guess?  And what I have been wearing to work for the past six years probably doesn't even meet casual standards.  I think the best way I could describe that look was homeless chic. And even that is being generous.  So I feel like the prettiest girl at the ball here in my new blazers.  Also- making time to actually blow dry and style my hair in the morning is nuts.  My work is closer now, and I don't go in until 7:30 instead of 7:00, but I still have to wake up roughly at the same time because now I have to primp.  Not complaining though, I actually really like getting ready for work again.
(excuse the mirror selfie, my dad was a large contributor to the new wardrobe and he wants to see what I'm wearing.)

Secondly, I actually have to interact with people.  I mean, at Garco obviously I was talking with my co-workers and the foremen and whatnot, but did I actually have to talk to customers?  No.  So going from being a mildly isolated lab rat to a marketer/concierge at a 5 Star resort was 0 to 60.  Luckily, my primo customer service skills came back immediately and right now I'm just trying to figure out what the best restaurants in town are since that's the most common question I'm getting. 
This brings us to the third and biggest change I'm trying to adapt to: sales.  And that's kind of a doozy since that's all this job is.  Going to school for it and practicing in theory is a whole different ballgame compared to real life.  And of course I knew that going into it, but still.  Being a salesperson is kind of terrifying.  It's pretty slow, so I haven't gotten to pitch to a lot of people yet, but the few I have talked to definitely made me work for it.  I'm getting more and more comfortable and I'm figuring out the best approaches, but there is definitely a learning curve to this profession.  I'll get it, though; just need to practice.

I'll be honest, I'm still so caught between my emotions about everything.  I can tell that I'm going to like this job.  It's a beautiful resort, it's in Park City, the people are going to keep me on my toes, and I'm probably going to end up making a lot of money.  But man- I miss Garco.  I've been talking to my old bosses over the last couple weeks and just keeping them in the loop with things.  And now I'm actually going to meet up with them on Thursday to catch up and just talk about everything.  I know I'm probably walking into a hard situation because they want me to come back, but I just miss everyone so much and find myself getting butterflies at the thought of going back to see them.

Trust me, I'm aware that I sound like a broken record over all of this.  But it's helpful for me to write these thoughts out and materialize them a little more.  It helps my brain.

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