Work is Good.

I'm doing, you guys.  I'm actually succeeding at my new job.  I was so nervous quitting Garco and coming here.  Especially because the first weeks were so slow and I wasn't getting a lot of face time with guests, but this week has been so awesome.  I'm feeling so excited for the future.

I did go back to Salt Lake to talk to my (old) boss the other day.  We talked for over two hours about any possible way for me to come back.  I told him I'd seriously consider his offer(s) and talk with Landon about what we thought would be best for us and that I'd get back to him.  No matter what happens though, I will never be able to articulate how much it means to me that they are willing to do everything they can to get me back.  I'll be honest- I wish they would have had these options before I had to go find a new job, but regardless, it means a lot.

But, yeah.  Work is good. 

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